KICKER Fiber Glass Rod

Premium Quality Rodding, two sizes available - 1/4" x 1/8"x 328' and 3/8" x 1/8" x 328'. Each roll packed in a cardboard box. 50 rolls to a skid.

KICKER Surface Protection Film

Blue Color, size is 600' x 25-1/2", thickness is 3 Mil.

KICKER Working Sleeves

Blue Working Sleeves.

KICKER Working Sleeves

White Working Sleeves.

KICKER Premium Apron White

Premium Aprons White Color. 49x36". 25 to a case.

KICKER Premium Apron Black

Premium Aprons Black Color. 49x36". 25 to a case.

KICKER Stand Apron White

Standard Aprons White. 39x36". 50 to a case.

KICKER Standard Apron Blue

Standard Aprons Blue. 39x36". 50 to a case.

KICKER Countertop Bracket Flat

Countertop Brackets Flat, Steel, Powder Coated. 10", 13", 15" and 20" available.

KICKER Countertop Bracket L Shape

L Shape Steel Countertop Bracket, Powder Coated, 10" and 15" available.

KICKER C Clamp 4"

4" C-Clamps, Heavy Duty, Green and Orange available.


American Style F Clamps 6", 12" and 18", with quick release.

KICKER Cotton Buffing Wheel 6"

6" Cotton Buffing Wheel.

KICKER Velcro Felt Wheel 4"

4" Felt Wheel with Red Velcro on the back.

KICKER Working Glove With Sleeve

Waterproof Gloves with Sleeves. Blue and White.

KICKER Mixing Cup 6 oz

Mixing Cups of 6 oz, Packed in sleeves of 50.

KICKER Stir Sticks

Made from birch wood, one end round and the other end flat.

KICKER Single Blade Razor Blade

Stainless Steel Single Razor Blade.

KICKER Horseshoe Shims

Horseshoe Shim 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" Available. Colors are Blue, Red and Black.

KICKER Sink Anchor

Undermount Sink Anchors with Honeycomb Stud.

KICKER T-31 Bolts

T-31 Bolts, 1/4" or 3/16" head, 1-1/2" and 2" lengths available.

KICKER Wax Bar (Rouge Bar)

Wax Polishing Bars, White and Black Colors available.